Mighty Beanz, originally called Jumpin' Beanz, are fun toys for an age group roughly from 5-15. They are collectibles, so that is why older kids may be interested in them. They were invented and launched into the Australian Market in 2002, and were and are owned by a wide-selling toy company named 'MOOSE.' Moose even made a special limited edition and very special bean that was the moose on their logo. After being renamed to Mighty Beanz in 2003, they continued very well until they were sadly discontinued in 2006. This was called the original series, and had five different series in it. Each of these five series had 60 beans in it, except for series two, which had seventy. Some beans portray famous characters or people, such as Elvis Presley, (#1 series 1 original series,) and Steve Irwin, (#86 series 2 original series.) The design of these beans were created by a man named Mark Sheard, who has his own bean; (#59 series 1 original series.)

Mighty Beanz were relaunched in 2010 with many many new beanz. There are also Beanz from movies an TV shows such as THE SIMPSONS, and STAR WARS!

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