Star-Wars 100px

A large amout of Star Wars Mighty Beanz

Star Wars is a Si-Fi movie series, after other toy Marketing, Star Wars created an another Toy Series of Star Wars, non other then, Mighty Beanz. Star Wars Mighty Beanz were very popular in the time but, when Mighty Beanz retured in 2010, Star Wars Mighty Beanz just followed. However other TV Mighty Beanz did not come back like The Simpsons. For some reason Star Wars Mighty Beanz did not go fully well, Star Wars Mighty Beanz became a fad when Episode III came out because other toys stealed the market and no one used Star Wars Mighty Beanz anymore, The same thing drowned with normal Mighty Beanz until 2010, Mighty Beanz/Star Wars returned. These Beanz were only sold in 4-Packs.

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